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Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing is one of the methods used to determine the energy efficiency of a dwelling, and is conducted to assess the air permeability of the building.  It is also known as ‘Air Pressure Testing’ or ‘Air Permeability Testing’

Leakage of air causes loss of heat and renders a building inefficient. According to Part L of the Building Regulations, new buildings must pass the air permeability test to ensure that they are energy efficient.  It is a requirement of Part L1A of the building regulations.

A draughty building requires more energy to heat and causes discomfort for the occupants.  An air permeability test is used to establish the rate of air leakage from a building, which must meet the standard defined in the building regulations.  The test also shows the leakage points in the building which helps with taking remedial action.

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